Abaya Haya Chocolate

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Taille 52

Discover our “Haya” abaya made from royal crepe, a fluid and elegant fabric, guaranteeing a graceful drape.

Its oversized cut gives you optimal freedom of movement, accentuated by wide sleeves allowing you to carry out your activities with complete ease. The press studs cleverly integrated into the sleeves add a touch of practicality. 

For breastfeeding mothers, this abaya is equipped with a large and discreet zipper near the chest, adding a functional dimension to its design.

Emirati sizes: 

- T52: 132cm [1m50 to 1m55]
- T54: 137cm [1m56 to 1m61]
- T56 : 142cm [1m62 à 1m67]
- T58: 147cm [1m68 to 1m73]

- T60: 152cm [1m74 to 1m79]
- T62: 157cm [1m80 to 1m85]