Khimar Tawus Black

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Discover the Khimar Tawus, a Signature khimar, designed and invented by us. A revolutionary khimar designed to simplify your daily life. 

Forget the hassle of carrying a bag over your shoulder, our clever solution ensures your khimar stays perfectly in place, eliminating the need to lift your khimar to slide your bag underneath.

With the Khimar Tawus, no more worries about unintentionally revealing the shape of your shoulders. Our creation offers total freedom by allowing you to carry your bag while keeping your khimar correctly folded over your chest. Simply tie the two cords to conceal the shape of your shoulders, providing a stylish and practical solution.

This option is also advantageous for those with large breasts.

It is made of Medine silk, a soft and streetchi material guaranteeing comfort and lightness. 

• The long veil measures 155cm [à partir du haut de la tête]

• The small veil measures 110cm [à partir du haut de la tête]L

• The headband measures 10cm wide.