Tawi Denim Kimono

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Taille 52

Discover our one-of-a-kind kimono: the Tawi Kimono, with its extra wide sleeves and its luxurious heather cotton material.

For an added touch of elegance, it is adorned with three clips at the top, allowing those who wish to opt for a refined closed effect.

Its cut is wide, it fits all body types.

Emirati sizes: 

- T52: 132cm [1m50 à 1m55]
- T54: 137cm [1m56 à 1m61]
- T56: 142cm [1m62 à 1m67]
- T58: 147cm [1m68 à 1m73]

- T60: 152cm [1m74 à 1m79]
- T62: 157cm [1m80 à 1m85]