Abaya Yawmi Emerald

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Taille 52

The Yawmi Abaya, a staple in our collection, combines an elegant fit, practical features such as clever pockets and a discreet nursing option, all crafted in the prestigious Nidha fabric.

For fans of Saudi cuts, this abaya will seduce you with its generous fullness and elastic sleeves which add a touch of comfort.

Emirati sizes: 

- T52: 132cm [1m50 à 1m55]
- T54: 137cm [1m56 à 1m61]
- T56: 142cm [1m62 à 1m67]
- T58: 147cm [1m68 à 1m73]

- T60: 152cm [1m74 à 1m79]
- T62: 157cm [1m80 à 1m85]